Russell Gooday


My career began in 1992 working as a DTP and photo-retoucher for an advertising and marketing agency in Plymouth, Devon. A year or so later I moved to London where I joined the Bell Media production company and spent two years producing 3D title sequences, cut scenes and graphics for video and interactive media.


Since that time I have worked in the Middle East, Asia and UK as a freelance 3D Artist on a wide variety of commissions. In the mid to late 90s I worked on various interactive CDs producing 3D Graphics and Animations for Price Water House and Cooper and Master Builder Technologies.


In 1999 I joined up with a group of artists in London and worked on a Dinosaur publishing project running alongside the BBC's Walking with Dinosaurs. Consequently to this day I have contributed to a comprehensive list of book titles producing 3D models and illustrations for well known publishers including Dorling Kindersley, Harper Collins, Quercus, Kingfisher and Capstone Publishing.


In addition to the dinosaur illustrations I have been involved in various other projects. The work has included producing models and visualisations for the architectural, engineering and medical professions. Over the last four years I have worked predominantly for a Swedish company creating 3D optimised models of large scale mining equipment for Sandvik and 3D textured models, rigs and animations of the human anatomy for a medical interactive project.


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