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3D Critters (Animals)

Examples of 3D modeling, texturing and illustration. Created in Lightwave and Photoshop, these pieces were utilised for various printed publications and animated projects. For a list of some of the book titles these were used in please click here.

3D Illustration of Torosaurus 3D Illustration of Deinonychus 3D Illustration of Megalosaurus 3D illustration of Tyrannosaurus Rex
Tyrannosaurus Rex 3D skeleton 3D illustration of Spinosaurus 3D illustration of Protoceratops 3D Illustration of a Great White Shark
3D illustration of a Saw Shark 3D Illustration of a Humpback Whale. 3D illustration of Tylosaurus 3D illustration of Archelon
3D Illustration of Carnosaurus Iguanodon for the Natural History Mueseum 3D model of Gorgonopsian 3D illustration of Syntarsus
3D Illustration of a Woolly Mammoth Illustration of Smilodon 3D Illustration of a Cave Lion 3D illustration Of Diornisis

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